FieldBots: The brand independent service robot fleet management for your facility management.

Since the end of 2020, Cleanfix Reinigungssysteme AG has been working in close partnership with Feil, Feil & Feil GmbH (FFuF for short) from Ludwigsburg to distribute their service robot fleet management FieldBots. FFuF develops individual software for facility service providers and specialises in the development of digital solutions for large, decentralised craft businesses as well as for companies involved in the creation, operation and management of real estate. While FFuF's strengths lie in software development, Cleanfix adds the necessary know-how from the cleaning industry.

Figure 1: Proven vacuum robots known from households are used for cleaning. Thanks to a docking station with suction function, the dust bin only needs to be changed after several weeks.

What is FieldBots?

With the help of FieldBots, small, proven household vacuuming, mopping and mowing robots can be grouped into swarms and easily managed online in a time-saving manner. Using an easy-to-understand and well-structured interface, the robots can be grouped by location, building and floor as well as started in groups or individually according to a defined schedule. FieldBots enhances initially for home use designed service robots with powerful tools, especially developed for professional use in offices, care and hotel industry.

Figure 2: Cleaning tasks can be scheduled online for single floors or entire buildings.

For the first time, a cloud-based platform offers your facility management the possibility to manage and operate a bigger amount of service robots without a huge time investment. Using the maintenance overview, you can quickly identify the robots that need your help. Instead of tediously searching for robots in need of help, all you need to do is have one glance at the maintenance overview.

Figure 3: The FieldBots Cloud interface: Here the robots can be filtered by location or status.

These are the main reasons for using FieldBots within the B2B sector.

  • Reducing strangers in the building (safety and health aspects)
  • Relief for service providers (Even today, it is difficult for FM service providers to find enough qualified staff. FieldBots can relieve service providers - in favour of the important things).
  • More frequent cleaning cycles become possible (with FieldBots, continuous cleaning becomes achievable). By using small and quiet devices, cleaning can also be carried out during the day.
  • Reduction of night-time cleaning work.
  • Day-cleaning trend (FieldBots enable cleaning concepts that have long been demanded: FM service providers can switch to day-cleaning to relieve the staff situation and increase their visibility. "Noisy" cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, or mowing can now be done at off-peak times.) 
  • It is the right time to start gaining experience (Service robotics has left the experimental stage and has been entering private households for some time. FieldBots is paving the way for professional use).


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