Swiss Made Quality

Around 110 employees at the Henau site in eastern Switzerland ensure Swiss quality. Machine components, machines and spare parts are produced, repaired, stored and shipped at the site. 

We are committed to Switzerland as a production location. As long as the advantages of providing the service outweigh the higher costs, we will stick to the production site in Henau. The high flexibility and better quality must remain decisive advantages.

The Cleanfix crew is as diverse as our product range: all qualified professionals who are constantly developing new technologies - in the service of cleanliness and tailored to the needs of our customers. Our quality management is ISO 9001 certified. 

We shape plastic

Plastic is produced at Cleanfix in two departments: Rotational sintering and in the plastic injection moulding shop. In the rotational sintering process, all the dirt and fresh water tanks as well as the large plastic parts are created by heating the mould and rotating it at the same time, giving them the necessary robustness for daily use.
The plastic injection moulding shop works with the most modern computer-controlled and automated equipment. Thanks to a wide range of machinery, we are better able to respond to customer wishes and offer special designs.

Cleanfix Mechanische Fertigung | © cleanfix

Mechanical manufacturing

Cleanfix manufactures all turned and milled parts for the cleaning machines in Henau. In-house production makes us flexible, ensures quality and guarantees delivery readiness.


In the assembly mechanical, plastic, welding and purchasing components are joined together in production lines to form the proven Cleanfix cleaning machines.

Quality control

Before shipping all over the world, the quality manager checks and documents each unit. The ultimate goal is to supply our customers with Swiss quality at competitive conditions.