Building a cleaner tomorrow today.

zertifikat_enaw_2024.pdfWe continuously invest in sustainable energy production, the reuse and utilisation of old plastic parts, water recycling and heat recovery. Our own plastic injection moulding facility, the production of extraction pumps and the in-house manufacture of metal and spare parts enable us to achieve a high level of vertical integration. This enables us to guarantee the outstanding quality and therefore the longevity of the components used. All parts that we do not manufacture ourselves are largely sourced from the region, thus also contributing to a resource-conserving production method.

Cleanfix invests in in-house initiatives that make its companies more environmentally friendly. We have taken a giant leap in reducing our carbon footprint by harnessing the power of the sun. Our factory in Switzerland is 95% solar-powered and our joint venture plant in India is 100% solar-powered.

Cleaner manufacturing processes thanks to

- Efficient water management
- Reduced energy consumption
- In-house recycling
- waste heat as an energy source

Cleanfix cleaning machines are not only effective at maintaining clean and hygienic spaces, they are also remarkably energy efficient. Their design and technology ensure that less energy is used per area cleaned, making them an environmentally conscious choice for businesses seeking to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Sustainability in every product thanks to

- Highest energy efficiency
- Resuse of plastics
- Superior durability
- Ease of repair
- Immediate availability of spare parts

In our joint venture with Schevaran, we have built a new plant from scratch in the Thandya industrial estate in Nanjangud, in the district of Mysore, which meets the requirements of a modern production facility. From the outset, sustainability was at the core of this project.