News – 09.10.2023

RA660 Navi for sports hall

Get a playmaker for your sports hall. The robot RA660 Navi cleans your sports hall twice a day: hygienically clean - extremely reliable - inexpensive.

Keeping sports halls hygienically clean is a must,
a duty in Corona times!

It is recommended to clean halls twice a day. This task, and therefore responsibility towards the users, can be easily accomplished with the robot RA660 Navi - at a reasonable price! The qualified caretaker staff has more time to meet the other massively increased hygiene requirements.

For example, you program your robot RA660 Navi over lunchtime for the first cleaning, an area of 1481.99 m2 is cleaned in 1:10 h, and for the second cleaning at night at 00:30 h.

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