Eco-Power sanitary cleaner 10 liter
Mild, pleasantly perfumed cleaning and descaling agent for daily cleaning and descaling in sanitary and kitchen areas.

Suitable for:
Fittings, sanitary porcelain, chrome, chrome steel.

10 liter
Article. 190.203B
Ecology and cleanliness
Cleanfix Eco-Power fulfils environmentally friendly requirements with full cleaning power. Taking into account the elements water, soil and air, Cleanfix Eco-Power has specialists developed an advanced range. It protects our environment and still guarantees excellent cleaning results. The results of the EMPA test attest the Eco-Power products excellent biodegradability. The Eco-Power products are VOC-free, as they are largely based on solvent has been dispensed with.

Technical Data  
Dosage 100-1000 ml to 10 liters of water
Instructions for processing
Special instructions
PH value 2