Pads 3M

3M Pad - impressive performance and long service life

What is special about the 3M machine pads is that they are not only superficial, but have mineral abrasive grit throughout.

Pad 3M white
The 3M Pad white was specially developed for machine dry polishing. It gives dull or newly coated floors a radiant shine in a single operation. The polyester pad is also suitable for the light spray cleaning of sensitive floor coverings and the even incorporation of oil or wax into wooden floors.

Pad 3M red
The 3M Pad red is the most widely used pad for daily maintenance cleaning of hard floors with automatic scrubber-driers and single-disc machines. Thanks to its flexible polyester fibers, the cleaning pad reliably removes annoying heel marks and gives PVC and linoleum floors a new shine.

Pad 3M blue
The 3M Pad blue was specially developed for efficient intermediate cleaning and light basic cleaning of sensitive, elastic floors such as linoleum, rubber, natural and artificial stone. The high-performance polyester pad is also ideal for removing fine scratches and heel marks during dry film renovation.

Pad 3M brown
The 3M Pad brown guarantees effective basic cleaning of all insensitive hard floors. The cleaning pad made of high-quality polyester fibers is also ideal for dry film renovation. Due to its special non-woven structure, it removes stubborn dirt, old care films as well as other residues particularly quickly and thoroughly.

Pad 3M schwarz
The 3M Pad black is the machine pad with the highest abrasive performance in the 3M range. The first machine pad from 3M has proven itself for basic cleaning of insensitive hard floors. Thanks to the mixture of nylon fibers with highly effective cleaning particles, it removes even stubborn dirt effortlessly.