KEMARO 900 Remote / Eco / Smart

Pallet splinters, packaging residues or industrial dust?

The KEMARO 900 is the world's frst industrial dry cleaning robot with integrated dust extraction for large areas and coarse dirt. The sweeping robot orients itself autonomously in the rooms and cleans the areas effciently around the clock. Thanks to its flat design of machine body, it also cleans optimally under machines and equipment.

The K900 can be easily transported and used in several buildings or rooms. With the help of sophisticated algorithms and artifcial intelligence, the robot can clean very large industrial areas. No additional installations are required to operate the robotic sweeper. The intelligent navigation reacts to changing environments without orientation aids or pre-programming.

Kemaro 900 - Your choice Remote Robot

Sweeper with manual charger, no laser, no sensors

Two disc brushes and one cylindrical sweeping brush x x x
Remote controller x x x
Lithium-ion battery x x x
Docking station   x x
Programmable cleaning times   x x
Plug and Play Mode   x x
Random and wall cleaning   x x
Flexible area delimitation     x
Virtual exclusion zone / virtual walls     x
Programmable cleaning zones     x
Higher cleaning performance thanks to intelligent cleaning     x
Upgrade to Robot Smart possible   x  
Kemaro cloud - as option   x  
Kemaro cloud - must to have for smart functions     x


Working width 90 cm
Running time max 5 h
Battery Lithium- Ionen / 36 V
Battery charging time 2.5 h
Ramp slope max. 12%
Cleaning speed 0.7 m/s
Cleaning capacity 1'000 m2/h
Dirty water capacity 35 l
Weight with batteries 32 kg
Dimensions (L / W / H) 79 x 72 x 35 (remote 30) cm